Fenton Family Dentists Mooloolaba can fix your Missing Teeth

What Can We Do For Your Missing Teeth?

Mooloolaba Dental (formerly Fenton Dental) is the oldest established dentist in Mooloolaba.

When you come to us with a missing tooth or if you need a tooth extraction, we can offer you various options.
Not only can a missing tooth cause further dental issues, but you are probably unhappy with the way it looks or feels.
Obviously, it is best to come and see us as soon as you lose a tooth, but we can also help if it has been gone for a while, so we can provide treatment.

Partial denture

If we advise a partial denture, this involves creating a fake tooth that you wear during the day and remove at night.
The partial denture is attached using clips, which can sometimes be visible. They must also be removed and cleaned every night.

Temporary denture

As the name implies, this type of denture is a filler that holds the other teeth in place and keeps you from having a gap in your smile while you have a permanent solution.
These aren’t as sturdy as partial dentures but are a good alternative if you need a quick fix.

Dental Bridge

A bridge is simply a fake tooth that is attached to the two teeth on either side of it.
This choice involves filing down your existing teeth so that the bridge fits over them and fills in the gap between.
You’ll need to use bridge flossers to keep the area beneath clean and you may have to have the bridge replaced periodically.

Dental implant

This is one of the most recommended treatments for a missing tooth recommended by dentists in Mooloolaba but is also one of the most costly.
The treatment involves having a metal rod surgically implanted in your jaw and then having a fake tooth screwed onto it.
This solution feels and looks as close to your natural teeth as possible and helps preserve the gums and bone in your jaw.

Leave it alone

Of course, if there’s no danger to your gums, other teeth or jaw, you may opt to do nothing.
However, over time, the bone may start to erode, and your other teeth may begin to shift to fill in the gap.
This can sometimes lead to tooth decay and other dental issues, so our dentists do not often recommend this as a solution.
You can talk this option over with us so that you understand the risks involved.

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