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How to Choose the Best Dentist Near You

At Fenton Dental, we have a huge range of expertise built up over many years as a Sunshine Coast practitioner.

Whether you’re in need of a dentist yourself, or looking for protection for your family, we have the best family dentist team nearby your location, and the all the facilities and dental treatments to help.

It is not always easy to find a good dentist near you, so we have made it our business to cater for residents of our part of the Sunshine Coast.

We believe we provide the most comprehensive and affordable dental services in the area.

Dental Treatments 

Dental care needs to be tailored to the patient.

We at Fenton Dental offer treatments and products for general, children’s and cosmetic customers.

There are many specialist areas in modern dentistry thanks to technology and increasing patient engagement.

We constantly strive to keep ahead of the latest practices across all fields of dentistry.

For children’s tooth care, we encourage a programme of prevention rather than treatment.

Obviously, your child’s first set of teeth get replaced by their adult teeth eventually.

However, we at Fenton Dental promote good dental hygiene practices from the earliest age possible.

Learning good habits early is the best way of not being frightened of the dentist.

As well as dietary arrangements, helping your child with dental hygiene will help foster healthy gums.

This is one of the many ways we can advise parents give their children a healthy start in life.

Remedial Care

Most people at some time in their lifetimes will need remedial dental care.

This can be required urgently or can be planned for after consultants with your family dentist.

We at Fenton Dental provide a comprehensive anaesthetic and clinical service to deal with any problem.

If you need a dentist near you, Fenton Dental has everything you need.

Our Mooloolaba practice offers excellent facilities to carry out all types of dental work.

This includes teeth whitening and straightening. We are Invisalign practitioners, which gives you the chance to straighten your teeth without visible braces. People of all ages choose to have such dental treatments.

We also specialise in implant dentistry. This is an excellent way of restoring confidence and health for many patients.

Implants can often help if you have long standing issues or are recovering from other medical treatments.

They can also add extra sparkle to any smile. Much like our other procedures, implants are popular with people from all ages and backgrounds.

For A Dentist Near You Check Us Out

If you are looking for a dentist near you in the Sunshine Coast area, check us out a Fenton Dental Mooloolaba. We’re the best family dentist nearby. 

We have a truly comprehensive range of services in superb facilities. Check out our website or call us on (07) 5444 3871.

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