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Where Is a Dentist Near Me When I Need One?

dentist near me

If you live on the Sunshine Coast and are looking for an affordable and good dentist, look no further than Fenton Dental.

There are specialist dental services right on your doorstep, for yourself and your family.

For a wide range of services, with great payment plans, there’s no need to feel isolated on the Sunshine Coast.

Our dentists in Sunshine Coast have the latest products, services and facilities close at hand. If you’re new to the area and wondering where there’s a dentist near me, just read on.

Mooloolaba Family Dental Clinic

At Fenton Dental Services in Mooloolaba, we have a team of expert dental surgeons.

The team is headed by a Principal Dentist, in charge of three other highly qualified practitioners.

With this level of expertise, you are guaranteed dental coverage across a whole spectrum of dental services.

As well as emergency coverage, you can rely on remedial and cosmetic treatments of the highest standards.

With the best ongoing family dental care, you can keep on top of the dental health of your whole family.

Children’s teeth and gums need special attention, as good habits here will last a lifetime. Our Mooloolaba child dentists are second to none and well-versed in child dentistry treatments.

As modern Australians, you might want to think about alignment treatments.

Especially for adolescents, alignment at the right age can set your kids up for life.

There are cosmetic treatments available which many people now consider part of their lifestyle. For instance, teeth whitening is now a very common practice.

This should be done by experienced professionals using the appropriate substances and methods.

Specialist Treatments

If you’re considering looking for a dentist near me who can carry out more complicated treatments, don’t be.

There is a whole range of remedial options available. These include dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, dentures, root canal treatments and occlusal splints.

If you’re worried about gaps in your teeth, the latest procedures can make these a thing of the past.

If you and your family play sports, you are in good company in the Sunshine Coast.

As with thousands of others, you will appreciate the services of a good dentist.

Specialised mouth guards are essential for enjoying and competing in sports safely.

These need to be fitted exactly to the shape of your teeth and gums. They also need to be replaced regularly.

Whatever the age range or activities of your family, there are specialist dental services available to cope.

The Sunshine Coast attracts young families and retirees alike. With a range of general, specialist and cosmetic dental treatments, all ages and lifestyles can be confident of great care.

More Information on Fenton Dentists Mooloolaba

Based in Mooloolaba since 1981, we at Fenton Dental are the dentist near me you’re looking for.

To find out more about our location and services, give us a call on (07) 5444 3871.

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