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Why Preventative Dentistry?

Finding a dentist Mooloolaba mouth-proud families can rely on is essential if you are looking for long-term oral care and the crux of this is prevention is better than cure.

Preventive Dentistry Explained

This is the practice of caring for your teeth to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel damage.

It’ll pick up fractures and cracks before your teeth are beyond repair.

It’s a diligent dentist Mooloolaba residents to will trust for sound advice and regular oral check-ups, which we at Fenton Dental do every day.

Brush up

Brush morning and night, a practice that should be instilled in children from an early age and something we should all be doing without fail.

Brush with a toothpaste that contains an adequate amount of fluoride.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue and the walls of your mouth to keep bacteria at bay.

Replace your brush or brush head at least three times a year. We at Fenton Dental recommend you do this every quarter to comply with your preventative dental regime.  

Drill on the floss

Daily flossing is also recommended.

Flossing helps to clean out the tight spaces between the teeth.

If you have braces, you may need to use floss “bottle brushes” to access the spaces between the metal brackets.

On your regular visits to Fenton Dental we are happy to give you and your family a “floss drill” demo to make sure you are doing it effectively.

Six-month rule

For spot-on preventative dentistry you should be visiting us for six-monthly check ups.

Our dental hygienists will also give your teeth a deep clean making sure that the plague build-up and tartar is removed.

Some dental insurance cover two preventative dental visits annually.

This makes sense because it’s going avoid expensive procedures in the long run.

Eat your way to healthy teeth

  • Limit sugar intake – sugar is the main perpetrator when it comes to tooth decay
  • Cut back on simple carbs – white bread, pasta and rice will break down quickly and create the bad bacteria that wreak havoc with your enamel and gums.
  • Water, water, water – keep hydrated and this will also flush out bacteria that intend to eat away at your tooth enamel.
  • Viva vitamins – Vitamins A, B, C, D and E are your mouth’s best buddies. If you have a balanced diet then these should be in the food you eat. Vitamin C, for example, is essential in maintaining firm gums and Vitamin D is essential for healthy bone growth.

We all benefit from preventive dentistry and this applies especially to children because it monitors their adult teeth.

It’s a diligent dentist Moolooba children will benefit from because we’ll use dental sealants and topical fluoride treatments to stave off decay.

Many of our young patients enter adulthood with a cavity-free set of teeth.   

Start your preventative dentistry today by exploring our website www.mooloolabadental.com.au to see the different services we provide or give us a call on 07 5444 3871.