With CEREC from Sirona, the way to a dental prosthesis is now more pleasant than ever at our Mooloolaba family dentist practice.

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction

By using CEREC your Sunshine Coast dental treatment is faster and more comfortable than ever before because the dental prosthesis is created digitally regardless of whether you need a partial crown, full crown or a veneer. Thanks to this new technology no impression material is needed so you don’t need to bite down on an impression tray and risk pharyngeal reflux.

The dentist scans your dentition using a camera, then the dental prosthesis is deigned on the computer and manufactured right here in our Mooloolaba family dental practice. The prosthesis is then fitted in your mouth and you’re all done.

Crowns couldn’t be any faster or easier

The crown dental treatment only takes about 1 hour. No need for temporary prosthesis, follow up dentist appointments and multiple injections.

The result of CEREC crowns and veneers stay perfect for years to come. No dark crown margins, no allergic reactions, and healthy gums. With CEREC, the dental prosthesis looks 100% real so why not make a Sunshine Coast dentist appointment at Fenton Dental Mooloolaba today to diagnose your crown or veneer requirements and experience the next-gen CEREC process.

Fenton Mooloolaba Family Dentists use CEREC Primemill and Primescan

Primemill and Primescan are the newest CEREC models on the market. Primemill delivers finer resolution and enhanced dynamics which result in phenomenal restoration margins and surface details – for super precise prosthesis results.

Primescan represents the pinnacle of dental scanning technology, making intraoral scanning more accurate, quicker, easier, and more comfortable than ever before. Its superior dynamic depth scan tech allows for perfect sharpness and amazing precision, even up to a depth of 20 millimetres which makes it ideal for treating deeper-lying indications.