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Do you clench your teeth or grind your teeth when sleeping?

Clenching or grinding teeth during sleep can lead to excessive tooth wear, sensitivity and endangers any existing dental work present in our mouths.

When our Sunshine Coast dentists detect tooth wear of our dental patients teeth, our Sunshine Coast dentists often recommend an occlusal splint, which is a comfortable night guard that protects your teeth from grinding and prevents further wear and tear tooth damage.

2 step procedure

Normally such a procedure takes 2 dentist appointments.

The first appointment is to determine whether or not you are indeed grinding your teeth (if you only grind during sleep you may not notice you’re doing this at all). If you’re already booked in for a regular dental check up your Mooloolaba dentist will notify you if they’re seeing signs of grinding which would then take care of the first step – “diagnosis”.

We then take an impression or digital scan of your upper and lower teeth. These records are then sent off to the lab to be used to create your new occlusal splint sleep mouth guard.

The final occlusal splint appointment will take place once the new sleep mouth guard is back from the lab. Your dentist will help you insert the new occlusal splint mouth guard into your jaw, checking to ensure it’s the exact right fit and is working as intended. Once your dentist has confirmed it’s good to go you will leave Mooloolaba Dental or Swell Dental by Mooloolaba Dental, with your brand-new sleep mouth guard.

Make an appointment

Please get in touch with Mooloolaba Dental (formerly Fenton Dental) and Swell Dental by Mooloolaba Dental to find out whether you need an occlusal splint mouth guard for teeth grinding fitted to safeguard your teeth.