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Do you want to get white teeth that last longer?

People like white teeth, and a bright white beautiful smile is important in today’s society. It can improve your self confidence and boost your self esteem.

Patients natural tooth colour is so diverse. Environmental factors like food, drinks, smoking as well as the aging process, can alter the colour of our teeth.

Research has shown that most over the counter cosmetic teeth whitening bleaching products don’t provide the result required. It’s very important that a full dental check-up with one of our local dentists in Mooloolaba is carried out before beginning the professional teeth whitening treatment. This check-up is detects possible dental problems due to gum conditions, tooth wear and possible areas of recession that may cause sensitivity.

If sensitivity does occur during the cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, the use of Tooth Mousse and other products designed to reduce sensitivity can be used.

post teeth whitening treatment Bleaching Kits to take home

Our teeth bleaching dentists provide patients with small, take home, cosmetic tooth whitening kit trays that cover just the teeth. These are made by taking impressions of the patient’s teeth. These bleaching trays hold the cosmetic white teeth bleaching gel and are intended to further aid the teeth bleaching process for securing long-term results once the main whitening treatment has been completed in our dental clinic.

The professional teeth whitening trays are worn for one hour per day, and usually for 10 days. The colour of the teeth will gradually change as the bleach runs its course. The take home teeth whitening kit trays can be kept for future use.

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