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When there’s direct impact to the lower part of a person’s face, the force can travel through the jaw, teeth and even the upper part of the skull. Such blows can increase the risk of oral injuries like front teeth fractures, splintered teeth and knocked out teeth. Impact to the jaw can also cause a person’s mouth to slam closed, damaging both the upper and lower rows of teeth when the jaw smacks together.

Everyone knows that playing sport can be an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, but before you go off and start playing a physical contact sport, it is highly advised you arm yourself with a fitted mouth guard to safeguard your teeth.

Why wear a fitted mouthguard?

Mouth guards are designed to protect teeth against injury, acting as a buffer which absorbs the impact to the teeth and lessens any shocks your jaw may receive from playing a physical contact sport.

Our family dentists nearby in Mooloolaba recommend that anyone partaking in a physical contact sport (including training and during games) only does so while wearing a sports custom fit mouth guard. As luck would have it, you’ve come to the best Sunshine Coast dentists when it comes to superior, fitted custom mouth guard design.

What about non-contact sports?

Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Dental Association recommend wearing a sport teeth guard regardless of whether the sport played is considered a ‘contact sport’ or not.

At Mooloolaba Dental (formerly Fenton Dental) and Swell Dental by Mooloolaba Dental, our local dentists can fabricate you the best, most comfortable and well-fitting, custom sport mouth guard to help protect your teeth in the case of any trauma suffered to the face or jaw.

The fitted, dental mouth guard is completed over two Mooloolaba dentist appointments: During the first dental appointment we take a mould of your teeth and during the second dentist appointment we ask you to test the fitted teeth guard to ensure it’s an accurate, comfortable fit.

Why shouldn’t I just get cheap mouth guards over the counter?

Our family dentists advise against this as boil-and-bite over the counter mouth guards are less effective and can be rather uncomfortable as they don’t often conform and mould themselves well to a person’s bite and jaw anatomy. As far as studies go, various studies have concluded that a custom fit mouth guard does not affect performance, while over the counter, cheap mouth guards in some cases do, due to discomfort and/or breathing difficulties caused.

What about sleep mouth guards?

A sleep mouth guard is an occlusal splint, more commonly known as a night guard. It is a hard-plastic, clear, custom mouth guard which is smaller than a sports guard. Night guards are designed to protect your teeth while you sleep and are most often used to combat grinding and clenching of teeth during the night to prevent further wear-and-tear of teeth.

If you need dental mouth guards for yourself or for your family, call our local dentists on the Sunshine Coast to arrange a dental guard appointment.

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