Custom Mouth Guard, Mooloolaba Dentist | Sports Mouth Guard

You have come to the best Sunshine Coast dentists for superior, fitted custom mouth guard design.

Everyone knows that playing sport can be an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. To make sure we are doing so safely however, we recommend that anyone partaking in a physical contact sport does so while wearing a sports custom fit mouth guard.

At Mooloolaba Dental (formerly Fenton Dental) and Swell Dental by Mooloolaba Dental, we can fabricate you the best comfortable, well-fitting, custom sports mouth guard to help protect your teeth in the case of any trauma suffered to the face or jaw.

The fitted, custom mouth guard is completed over two Mooloolaba dentist appointments: During the first dental appointment we take a mould of your teeth and during the second dentist appointment we ask you to test the fitted sports mouth guard to ensure it’s an accurate, comfortable fit.

If you need a dental mouth guards for yourself or for your family, call our dentists in Mooloolaba to arrange a dental mouth guard appointment.

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