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Accidents in sport and some leisure activities that involve the head can commonly lead to some form of dental injury. Bats, balls, push-bikes, skateboards and physical contact from contact sports can lead to a dental injury?

Mouthguards are compulsory for rugby, Aussie Rules, boxing, soccer and hockey, and a custom fitted mouthguard offers the best comfort and protection.

It’s not only your teeth that can be protected from injury, but other parts of your head and jaw The Australian Dental Association says there are five reasons why you should wear a mouthguard:
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  • Cushion teeth against impact
  • Protect your jaw joint and soft tissue injuries
  • Help protect neck and jaw injuries
  • Potentially reduce concussions
  • Protects soft tissue from injury

Click here to see the diagram outlining the five facial areas affected by shocks to the face and the 5 reasons (mentioned above) why you should wear a mouthguard.

The best mouthguard you can have is one that is custom made to fit you by your dentist.

If braces are worn, you still need a mouthguard.

Why shouldn’t I just get a cheap mouthguard over the counter? Our Mooloolaba dentists advise against this as boil-and-bite over the counter mouthguards are less effective and can be rather uncomfortable as they don’t often conform and mould themselves well to a person’s bit and jaw anatomy. As far as studies go, various studies have concluded custom mouthguards do not affect performance, while over the counter mouthguards do in some cases due to discomfort and/or breathing difficulties.

After using a mouthguard you need to clean it. Cleaning mouthguards is a simple procedure, simply rinse it in soap and warm water, rinse it off, and then allow it to air-dry. You should also use a mouthwash occasionally to disinfect it. When its not in use, the mouthguard should be kept in a cool place and stored in a plastic container with air vents.

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